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Driven by purpose

Our mission to unbreak the insurance industry means identifying what’s broken, and committing to creating positive and impactful change.

This is more than a commitment to our customers, it’s a mission from our communities, team members, and planet. Here are a few ways we’re following through on that mission every day.

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Commitment to progress

Root supports bold progress and the power of change through our products, partnerships, and our ongoing efforts to make the roads fairer and safer for everyone.

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Drop the score

In February of 2021, we released a report citing how using credit scores in insurance rating harms certain groups and reinforces systemic inequalities. What’s more, we’ve boldly pledged to drop credit scores from our rates entirely and are committed to educating and encouraging the industry to do the same.

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Supporting agents of change

As a proud sponsor of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, we support the unapologetic change he brings and celebrate his leadership on racial justice. Together, we’re championing for progress that is long overdue.

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Distracted driving

With more than 10 billion miles of driving data measured through our app so far, Root is well positioned to measure and understand distracted driving. Our ongoing distracted driving campaign and yearly reports bring awareness to this issue from a unique perspective grounded in data.

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Commitment to our customers

Root uses telematics to offer drivers fair rates based on how they drive, not who they are. We never use things like education or occupation, and driving behavior is the #1 factor in a Root rate.

Privacy As a company built on the power of data and technology, Root understands the importance of protecting customers’ personal information and takes this mission very seriously. We never sell consumers’ personally identifiable data. Sensitive information is sent and received using encryption and stored in an encrypted environment.

Security Root safeguards our company’s security through comprehensive and ongoing IT training, transparency, and documentation. Our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, including offering safe harbor, encourages external security researchers to notify us of any potential security threats they uncover.

Commitment to our communities

Root was founded on the belief that the services people need for everyday life should serve them better. We believe we have the same obligation to serve our communities better in ways that make a positive impact and improve our customers’ and team members’ lives.

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Donating our expertise

In continued partnership with InnovateOhio, which furthers the presence of technology companies in Ohio, Root helped build a new website for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The redesigned site resulted in four times the amount of organ donor sign-ups.

In support of our LGBTQ+ communities, Root donated web strategy, design, and structural support, photography, and social media expertise to Mozaic Ohio, a wellness and community space for transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary young people of color.

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Charitable giving

As part of our efforts to celebrate the history of bold change, Root donates to the Wendell Scott Foundation to support STEM-focused mentoring, training, education, and support services for underserved students.

Additionally, we take part in Pride efforts and activities to ensure our employees feel welcome and supported. Root employees also participate annually in Pelotonia to raise money and awareness for cancer research—to date our Root team has raised more than $175,000.

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COVID-19 response

Our mobile telematics-based insurance has given us the unique opportunity to understand the impact of the pandemic on driving behavior in real time.

As part of that effort, we rewarded customers for driving less during the pandemic with Stay Home Driving Bonuses. We also offered billing extensions to customers, regardless of whether their states of residence required we do so.

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Commitment to our environment

Root recognizes that protecting our customers means protecting the planet we all call home.

We’re committed to a company-wide sustainability approach that encourages cost-effective strategies to help reduce Root’s environmental impact without compromising our mission to consumers and team members.

From our efforts around energy consumption, resource and waste management to public transportation incentives—often shepherded through our ReRoot employee resource group—we’re engaging team members in a partnership to increase organizational and individual responsibility and work towards a more sustainable future for all.

Commitment to our team members

Our values are reflected in everything we do, from our Code of Conduct to our company policies and initiatives around diversity and inclusion, executive visibility, talent acquisition and development, feedback and transparency, and team member wellness, education, and resources.

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Code of Conduct and company values

In addition to applicable laws and regulations, our Code of Conduct, company values, and policies are Root’s ethical framework.

These guidelines are essential to every team member’s work and come through in our product, promotion, and planning.

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Health and wellness

The wellness of our team directly reflects the health of our business. Root offers team members flexible paid time off, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and extended leave benefits.

We promote work/life fulfillment and provide extensive resources and tools to help team members maximize their well-being, such as access to therapy, meditation, and educational opportunities that support all aspects of our employees’ health.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

A team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives delivers better insights and outcomes, enables innovation, and fosters a greater understanding of our customers.

Our efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workplace are ongoing and focused on talent acquisition and development, education and training, feedback and collaboration, and strategic planning aimed at enabling consistent growth and long-term success.

Root’s Chief Diversity and Belonging Officer ensures our commitment to these efforts.

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Employee resources

We strengthen, support, and empower our team and organization through employee engagement and resource groups, training and education, development and wellness resources, and more.

Root employee resource groups

Pride 365: Celebrating everything LGBTQ+ at Root and in our communities

Tribe: Cultivating a professional, healthy, and supportive environment while amplifying Black voices at Root

Women @ Root: Creating a culture and company that empower women and allies to do their best work

Root Ability and Allies: Resource-sharing, celebrating wins, and cultivating a community of support at Root for our team members with disabilities and their allies.

For a more in depth review of Root’s policies, please visit our Documents & Charters page.

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