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Customer obsession. Rigorous approach. Decisions by data. Welcome to Root.

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We’re harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize car insurance.

Using machine learning and mobile telematic platforms, we’ve built one of the most innovative insurtech companies in the world. 

We’re looking for team members who are passionate about data, analytics, testing, product design, and delivering the very best service to our customers. Together, we are boldly challenging the archaic insurance industry to deliver an experience that makes insurance easier, offering drivers more control and transparency.

Our values define what makes team members successful at Root

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Customer Value

Delivering value to our customers delivers value to our business. That’s why they are the heart of everything we build.

Customer Value

Innovation & Experimentation

Hypothesize. Test. Data. Result. Repeat.

Innovation & Experimentation

Disciplined Thinking

It’s not just about being right, it’s about having the evidence to support why we’re right.

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Operational Excellence

Prepare, plan, and document. Everything.

Here, team members are judged by the merits of their work, not the title on their slack profile. Great ideas can come from anywhere, so we make sure channels are open and ideas are explored. We resist the temptation to do the obvious, questioning the norm every chance we get. And we’re relentless about process, and we’ve got the docs to prove it.

Open positions

What draws people to Root

Ask anyone who works here and you’ll hear similar reasons for why they joined.

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For assertive self-starters, the opportunities to contribute are limitless.

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By challenging the way it’s always been done, we solve problems that have a big impact on our business.

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We encourage rich discussion and civil debate at every turn.

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We are inspired by the collection of crazy-smart people around us.

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